Create .webloc or .url files from within your browser

Store your bookmark links right along your other files to keep everything about a project in one place in your cloud drive of choice

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Keep your project files in one place

By storing your bookmarks as link files right along your other files on a project or topic, you save yourself duplicating your folder structure inside the browsers bookmark feature.

Works with iOS cloud folders

Bookmark To File can store the bookmark links in any of your cloud folders that the Apple Files app has access to. For each bookmark you will be prompted to select the cloud folder you want to store it in.

Download from them App store

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Supported Browsers

The Bookmark To File share extension currently works with the iOS version of Safari and Goolge Chrome. iOS Opera is not yet supported.

Supported Link Types

You can create .webloc and .url link files by selecting the desired file ending in the app./p>

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